I have been a part of the art world since my college days when I
was an Art History major at the University of California at Berkeley. 

In 1980, I moved to Redding and taught an art program at the local elementary school.  My life changed in 1992, after my third son, Spencer, died at seven years old from cancer.  To ease the pain of his loss, I studied art with a passion, taking classes in drawing, painting, printmaking, design, and photography at Shasta College for eight years.

My passion for art became a life saver that continues to motivate me to this day.  It has opened my life to beauty and has buffered me from the pain that still wants to creep into my heart.  I can lose myself in the process of creativity and emerge euphoric.

I work in several different mediums.  I love the juiciness of watercolors, so bright and unpredictable.  I like the layering of acrylic paints and the ability to work the surface over and over again.  My favorite medium is collage, sometimes called mixed media.  I use painted scraps of paper, pieces of letters, envelopes, receipts, rice papers and newspapers from around the world.  Sometimes my collages are abstract, sometimes realistic based on a landscape or flower.

I have a beautiful, detached studio at my home where I teach classes and workshops.  My students have become acomplished artists who participate in shows throughout the North State and sell their work in the community.  I always welcome new students.

If you are interested in my work or an art class please contact me
using the contact form
or call me at (530) 246-4164.

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